Hi👋, I'm Siddharth Verma.

🤖 Product designer

I got my start in design through 🔮 10kdesigners masterclass by Abhinav Chikkara. Since then I've worked with 7+ founders and startups across USA, Canada, Singapore and India.

Currently, I'm building my own startup called 🚀 GoPlaco, it's about letting creator monetize their work. I'm also working with Michael Anuzis, ex-Googler on an Ed-tech product named 🎓 ExamPrep.ai, best place to prepare for CPA exams.

Before this I've worked at an Ed-tech startup, 🌌 Avalon which aims to equip Indian youth with real world skills while curating a community of smartest people. Other freelance projects: 🧬 GeneFit, 💡 Knowledge Empire & 💊 AvaMed.

⚡️ Projects

Redefining WhatsApp's relevance in 2021

I redesigned WhatsApp group call, status, primary CTA & archive experience. An attempt to make whatsapp intuitive and usable.

😇 Type: Personal Project
🕒 Duration: Two months
⛅️ Status: Ongoing

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Avalon Meta App - Onboarding & Course streaming

I added onboarding data collection flow & course selection flow to the product. Redesigned course watching flow. It was an capstone project.

😇 Client: @Avalon
🕒 Duration: Two week
⛅️ Status: Completed

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Avalon Pro-leagues

I was the sole designer for the landing page, goal was to optimize conversion and showcase all the upcoming and past Pro-leagues.

😇 Client: @Avalon
🕒 Duration: Two weeks
⛅️ Status: Live

Check out live landing page 👉

How generation X uses WhatsApp

To check and validate usage patterns of how older generation uses WhatsApp on daily basis.

😇 Type: Research
🕒 Duration: Two weeks
⛅️ Status: Completed

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1000 Floors Elevator

Designing an experience for a 1000 floor elevator system.

😇 Type: Case study
🕒 Duration: Two weeks
⛅️ Status: Completed

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ExamPrep.ai - efficient learning with adaptive AI tools to study smart

I designed the complete Web-App with, along side that I did branding, logo and currently we are are working on mobile version.

😇 Client: @ExamPrep.ai
🕒 Duration: Three months
⛅️ Status: Ongoing

Coming soon 🛠

🤩 Obsessions

👽 Ethereum
⚪️ MuratPak
💡 Naval Ravikant
🐴 Bojack
🧱 3-D Art
🎲 Game Theory
🐤 Twitter
🐵 Evolution
🏸 Badminton
🦞 Jordan Peterson

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